The profile of our company is the wholesale trade of spare parts of electronic goods, like audio- TV- video- satellite sets. Now we are improving the wholesale trade of finished products.

Our company was established in 1989. Our aim was this special sector of trade. Since then we have been supplying our customers with spare parts satisfying every demand. We export and import spare parts all over the world. We have direct business connection with the manufacturers of components and we have service manuals for almost all the types of electronic goods above mentioned so that we can give our customers much more important information. Our company has risen to the first best companies in Hungary. We have realized it with Hungarian private capital, without any foreign capitalist company.

We are looking for those manufacturers und users (shops and services) who want to establish business connection with us to our customer's satisfaction.

Detailed information can be given by our trade department.
In English, German, French, Russian , Slovak and Czech by letter and orally in German.

Our tel number : +36 27 317-212